Roo with a View
(This guest Blog is written by Syndey, one of our resident Red Kangaroos)

As I write this guest blog for Vicki, I certainly am enjoying the cooler fall weather much more than I thought I would.     I don’t like the rain – I just don’t like getting wet and I’m not fond of the dew-covered grass in the morning either.’s the wet part I’m not fond of.   Bindi, whose just like a sister, doesn’t seem to mind the wet.    She doesn’t mind getting dirty either — but that’s how Bindi is.

Bindi and I love our exhibit.   I generally make my morning rounds to make sure everything is in order and as it should be.    The first thing Bindi does in the morning is check outside to see if any new grass has grown for her to chew on.

This season has been great.   We have had the opportunity to meet and sniff alot of people during our Roo Encounters this year.    I had my picture taken with people of all ages.    So did Bindi, but I think the visitors enjoyed getting their picture with me more….just saying.    Our neighbors to the north in the Petting Stable, can sure get noisy during the day.     Those donkeys love to encourage visitors to feed them.     Speaking of food….my favorite treat is peanut butter.   However, Bindi’s favorite food is peanut butter, grapes, bananas, apples…. can you see where I’m going with this?   Don’t get me wrong, Bindi is a sweetheart although at times she can be a bit “piggish” with wanting to eat my treats.

As I sit here watching from my favorite spot in our exhibit, I can watch a lot of the happenings here at the Zoo.   I may be small, but I notice a lot of things.   I have noticed alot activity up by the main building.   There has been a parade of trucks, weird machinery, people and plenty of noise (which I’m getting used to).    I know what they are doing, they are building a North American River Otter Exhibit (I pay attention when “my people” talk.)

I’m not sure what a River Otter is, but from what I hear their exhibit is going to be very unique.   I think my exhibit is pretty awesome, so this one must be something spectacular.   These “River Otters” they speak of must require water, as they keep mentioning the tank is going to hold alot of water.   I’m just not sure why these “River Otters” need so much water.    Like I said earlier, I’m not fond of the wet.   As long as these otters stay in their water and not in my grass, and they keep their water in their exhibit, all will be right with the world.

From my view, this exhibit certainly requires alot of different people to build it.   Isn’t it wonderful how a group of people come together to create something like this.     Watching all these people work together with my people (despite how noisy they can be at times) has certainly been entertaining for Bindi and I.   It will be nice when it’s finished so these otters can come and make Pine Grove Zoo their forever home.   I know there is no place I’d rather be than right here!

We hope to see you next season and when you come to visit – just remember I’m the cute one!