I think a lot of people can relate to sending off your child to school that first day. You know they are old enough to go and that they are ready. You’ve taught them how to tie their shoes, they know their ABC’s, you hope their social skills are adequate and they have mastered the art of going “potty” like a big girl or boy. They are ready to take this next step in the cycle of life, of growing up. But, yet, in the back of your mind – you don’t want them to go – you want them to stay little. But they are ready and you let them go, let them learn and let them grow into wonderful little people. You’ve taught them well … they are ready.

We’ve had the amazing opportunity to hand raise two sweet baby Kangaroo Joeys this past year. It’s been a memorable experience for each of our staff in their own way. For me, these sweet girls, have seeped into my heart. They have been hopping around the office since November and they are learning things each day, getting bigger, getting stronger, getting into things and getting ready. Yes, they are getting ready to go into their exhibit this spring when mother nature warms the air and the ground and melts the snow. They are ready to hop around their exhibit and enjoy the warm sun, more space and getting ready to become big Kangaroos.

So, it’s time. Sydney and Bindi each have their own personalities. Sydney is a little shy, but so sweet yet a bit more complex. Bindi, is much more independent, sweet with a simplistic nature. They are ready. They are going to be great Kangaroos for our visitors to see and learn from. We’ve already learned so much from them. I’ve learned so much from them. They are ready to take this next step in this cycle of life, of growing up. In the back of my mind – I’d love to have them stay little. But they are ready, they are ready to go into their exhibit, to learn and to grow into wonderful Kangaroos for you to enjoy.

We’ve taught them well…they are ready!