It’s summertime and if you are like me, you are busy trying to fit a lot of things into a short amount of time. Whether it’s visiting family, hanging out at the lake, attending local festivals, going for long bike rides, or maybe you are watching kids or adults play softball or baseball throughout the summer months. Whatever it is…it’s keeping us busy and making the days a bit chaotic.

I often wonder if during all this “busy-ness” we forget about creating those amazing memories. Summer goes by fast and so do the years. I hope when you visit family, you take the time to listen to those older and wiser family members tell of stories from their youth or maybe when you are hanging out at the lake, you spend time splashing in the lake with those around you instead of standing on the sidelines watching. When you attend a local festival, try a different food or participate in something that is unique to that festival. If you go on a bike ride, pay attention to the world as you pass. When you attend someone’s game, cheer them on instead of looking at your phone. Create those memories and participate in those memories.

Sometimes the simplest of things, such as a packing a picnic lunch and sitting in a beautiful park, lake or river and talking with those around you, can provide sweet memories you’ll cherish. I always enjoy listening to my Mom and Dad talk about their memories from their younger days or reminiscing with them about the family trips we took and the silly things that made us smile and laugh – those are the thing we always seem to remember. Those are precious to me, they make my heart smile.

At Pine Grove Zoo, our goal is to help create those memories that you and your loved ones will cherish. Whether its smiling as you watch our Black Bears, Jerry and Gary resting on their backs with their feet in the air or as Zoey and Zander, our Zebras, race to greet you as you enter the Zoo. We hope your visit helps create those memories you cherish.

Our Kangaroo Joeys, Sydney and Bindi, are already creating lots of memories with kids and adults during the Kangaroo Encounters. I’ve had the opportunity to witness these memory making moments first-hand. These sweet girls are bringing smiles, giggles and full out belly laughs to visitors of all ages. When grandparents share this experience with their grandchildren, it makes my heart smile because I know these are memories that will be remembered, memories that they will sit down and talk about years later. I can almost hear them say, “Do you remember when we visited Pine Grove Zoo and we were able to pet those Kangaroos and do you remember the picture we got of us with a kangaroo snuggling us?”. I’m so glad to be part of making these memories happen. If you are interested in making Kangaroo Memories, call us to find out more information!

I hope you take time during the summer chaotic months to make memories. Make those memories that bring a smile to your face and your heart.