Exciting Encounters!

Do you want a “Behind the Scenes” Encounter?

Pine Grove Zoo is offering animal encounters Memorial Day through Labor Day.  

$20.00 per person ($15.00) if a Pine Grove Zoo Member.    

To register contact Pine Grove Zoo at 320-616-5595 or info@pinegrovezoo.com.  
(You may also register at Admissions Desk)

Hanging with the Roos Encounter                  Sundays 2:30 pm
Meet Sydney and Bindi our resident Red Kangaroos.   These sweet girls were hand-raised and love being around people.   You may have an opportunity to touch them or get a selfie picture with them.  Learn about this unique species from “the land down under” and learn specifically about our girls!  

Zaney Zebra Encounter                                    Wednesdays 2:30 pm
Get an opportunity to get an up close and personal encounter with our resident Zebras and give them some tasty treats.   Why do Zebra’s have stripes?   How fast can they run?    You will learn about Zebras and view artifacts as well.  

A “Bear”y Good Encounter                              Thursdays 2:30 pm
What’s the difference between a Black Bear and a Grizzly Bear?   Where do the Bears hibernate during the winter months at Pine Grove Zoo?  During this Encounter, you will visit the dens of Jerry and Gary, our Black Bears, and learn about their species.    You will have an opportunity to give treats to the bears and watch them enjoy them.   You will also view artifacts of this remarkable species. 

A “Cat”terrific Encounter                                  Fridays 2:30 pm
If you like cats, this gives you an opportunity to learn about the cats at Pine Grove Zoo including Merry our Cougar, our Bobcats Naughty and Nice along with Raya and Paski our Tigers.   You’ll find out which is the fastest, who can jump further, what they eat along with viewing great artifacts of these amazing creatures.   You may have a chance to feed treats to the Tigers.

“Otter” This World Encounter                           Saturdays 2:30 pm
Probably the most active animals in the Zoo, River Otters stay on the go for a large part of the day. You will learn about their activity both above and below the water line by visiting their exhibit and dens.   You will have an opportunity to feed and learn about this highly intelligent and sociable animal.

For more information contact us at 320-616-5595 or info@pinegrovezoo.com


A “Wildly” unique experience!